Collinite Marine Products

  • Easy-to-use wax with a high gloss shine and long-lasting weather defense
  • Enhances look while protecting finish
  • No hard buffing required
  • Provides protective coating of durabilitity 
  • Less frequent wax applications
  • Provides a shine with unique carnauba polish
  • Long-lasting protection guards against UV, salt spray
  • High luster finish reduces drag 

Ask any yard man which wax lasts longest and shines brightest -- even in salt water. He'll tell you it's Collinite Boat Wax, formulated to survive and protect under even the toughest conditions. It's loaded with the rarest, natural Carnauba so it produces an armor-like barrier against chemicals, acids, and even Mother Nature. Liquid Fleetwax (No. 870) Cleans, protects and beautifies marine finishes in one easy operation. No hard rubbing or buffing. Contains rare, pure Carnauba waxes combined with advanced polymer technology. Leaves double coating of protection that lasts & lasts. Out performs products costing many times more. 845,850,855,870,8701,885,900,920,9201,925

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